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Transsexual: 31y (USA) 3.1k visits

9 photos

Trying to become the woman I really am I am going to be a home show girl and be a little video slut


Transsexual: 23y (USA) 5.3k visits


Transsexual: 29y (USA) 6.4k visits

3 photos

I love men and I have a bubble butt.

Melody Lane

Transsexual: 28y (USA) 145.7k visits

5 videos

I'm Melody Lane! I play guitar and sing a lot and get naked and fuck myself on the internet the rest of the time.


Transsexual: 24y (USA) 15.1k visits

2 videos

I'm an actress and aspiring model, especially if that modeling involves bondage work. I post bondage vids here once in a while, but if you want to see more, check out my website or perphaps contact me if you're in Tampa

Jackie Hammers

Transsexual: 33y (USA) 269k visits

3 videos - 2 photos

Hiya. I'm Jackie . Follow me on Snapchat @ JACKIEJHAMMERS. OR my Instagram Jackie_hammers https://linktr.ee/JackieHammers


Transsexual: 45y (USA) 10.3k visits

3 videos


Transsexual: 56y (USA) 13.8k visits

6 videos - 3 favs - 7 photos

I am a bottom T-Girl and love having my holes filled. I am such a slut and very fond of Black Cock. ♠️ I love to hear from followers and I do a little online performing.


Transsexual: 24y (USA) 21.5k visits

5 videos

Ts Colombian and Mexican girl ?


Transsexual: 51y (USA) 4.1k visits

Im a girl trying to be on top of the world, it's hard to live a double life it's hard enough when the world judges you but when your own family are ashamed , that puts me out of the circle. but that's cool I can deal with that tough but only the tuff can survive. Im from H.B. California all my life. I the outdoors I love doing outdoor things. I like to hike ski snowboard racquetball take walks on the beach and I love animals


India Capobyanko

Transsexual: 30y (Brazil) 26.6k visits

13 videos - 15 photos

Só assuntos profissionais por favor! Não quero que seja uma sexo mecânica ,quero que seja prazeroso e gostoso para as duas partes sou uma Gata educada, inteligente , carinhosa, discreta e passiva e ativa (20 cm de dote)corpo estilo modelo cabelos longos e negros, boa aparencia e higienica. PARA VOCÊ QUE CURTE SER PASSIVO, NÃO TOMO HORMONIOS ,MEU DOTE FICA BEM DURO PARA VOCÊ APROVEITAR ? Quando entrar em contato dizer que me viu no site .minhas fotos e videos não são montadas. Gosto de fotos e videos naturais sem photoshop acho que tráz mais confiança para o cliente Atendo no meu local próprio , hotel ou motel. OBS: Não faço sexo sem preservativo, comigo é sexo seguro SEMPRE , não adianta insistir!!!



Transsexual: 23y (Brazil) 1.4k visits

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Transsexual: 49y (USA) 26.7k visits

3 videos - 859 favs




Transsexual: 22y (Brazil) 18.7k visits

16 videos - 19 photos

Sou transexual, moro no interior do Rio Grande do Sul, na praia do cassino ... Sou garota de programa ! Ativa e passiva, preferencia em ser ativa, dote sempre bem duro e com tesão !


Princess Alice Medeiros

Transsexual: 18y (Brazil)

6 videos - 13 photos


Transsexual: 30y (USA) 29.4k visits

3 videos - 5 photos


Transsexual couple: 20y (USA) 32.1k visits

34 videos - 25 photos

Trans girls from California. Check out our videos and follow us on Twitter! https://AshlynMay.Manyvids.com https://twitter.com/AshlynMay11 https://twitter.com/MattersAmy https://chaturbate.com/b/ashlynmay


Transsexual: 25y (USA) 16k visits

9 videos - 115 photos

IAm a guy with a big ole booty 26♊️ Chocolate cakes Single Head Doctor ✅ Kik: wetwaterfalls13 Twitter:@Chocola98405538 Snapchat: ccakes792 Add and follow me for some freaky fun


Transsexual: 43y (Australia) 3k visits

I'm naomi I'm a submissive trany sexslave I'm into anything kinky and naughty and wanting to get into all things that r taboo and filthy with rite people or person I live NSW upper hunter region Australia and anyone can send me an email to naomipearson69 @gmail.com if u keen and genuine xx


Transsexual: 24y (USA) 3.9k visits

11 videos - 5 favs - 2 photos

Submissive, white, pansexual(gender dysphoria), 5 year member of the bdsm and ddlg community as a submissive kitten/princess, love interracial play and black men and women in general, wanting to share some vids from other people I've played with and some of me when I'm feeling little and submissive me. Would love to chat some time if you want to add and message me ;)

Alice Hael

Transsexual: 20y (Brazil) 97.6k visits

5 videos - 3 photos

Meu nome é Alice Hael, sou a garota que gravou com o Bluezao e com o Flakael, para quem quiser conhecer mais do meu trabalho corre lá no meu Instagram @alicehael


Transsexual: 27y (Ecuador) 133.7k visits

35 videos - 38 photos

Hola q tal is amores soy Rhyana murcia Una chica transexual divertida ..? m encanta el sexo el morbo PREPAGO DE sto dgo kieres grabar conmigo llamame ???? viajo a todas las provincias donde m kiera tener este es m whuasapp 0968965128 solo jent seria


Transsexual: 34y (Spain) 1.2M visits

35 videos - 71 favs - 62 photos

Novinhos pauzudos de São Paulo, ja estou em Sao Paulo fico 3 meses. ate dia 15 abril 2020. Quero muito sexo.. Watch my another account https://es.xhamster.com/user/deborahtrans I only accept really straight on my friends I live in Palma de Mallorca Spain, To comment on my videos. Those that your more like I am a very feminine tranny. (shemale). I speak english, italian, español and portugues....if u wanna to meet me enter my blog deborahbianchini.blogspot.com

Leandralacra Nova Youtuber

Transsexual: 23y (Brazil) 3.5k visits

2 videos

Ttt 198020

Transsexual: 32y (Egypt) 25.1k visits

2 photos

I sara selem transsexual my old36 years i love sex femdom bdsm open anal fuck me hard


Transsexual: 19y (Colombia) 12.4k visits

hola mis amores, soy una mujer transexual muy morbosa, me gusta el morbo me gusta dominar, soy muy expresiva. si quieres saber mas de mi, escribeme. sigueme INSTAGRAM= https://www.instagram.com/franshescazac/ TWT= https://twitter.com/zashenca33 FACEBOOK= https://www.facebook.com/zara.torre.566


Transsexual: 20y (USA) 36.2k visits

165 favs - 86 photos

Im a freindly transsexual College student in Connecticut. Im 19. Im going to try hard to bring you the best perverted sex vids and pics because I want to help you get your big fat dick erect, and help you ejaculate all over yourself. I wish I could suck all your pretty cocks, unfortunately I cant. Ill let you pick me up and Ill blow you if youre in the area I love to give sloppy head to random men. I have a fantasy where I want to go into a prison and let all of the big strong ruthless men and sex offenders gangbang me, and subject me to their sick deviant perversions unload their filthy, evil balls up my ass and down my throat. I want to taste their loads of sin and get slapped around and humiliated, pissed on and left nearly drowning to death in a massive pool of all the mens cum, spit sweat and piss to where I'm so cum-glazed in the nasty pretty fuckslime that I cant pry myself off the prison cell floor. I want them to make me leave naked and obscenely drenched in babygoo as I walk away in public to ask for a phone.. I want people to see me as the sluttiest sight they ever saw, I want to feel stupid. I have "daddy issues" .I need to be abused and.degraded sexually, physically and verbally. Feel free to leave comments saying anything you want to me, you can be horribly disgustingly rude I am new here and trying to make friends and build a huge collection of pics of cocks and boys and cum and transsexuals. I also advise that ALL straight men watch Sissy-Hypno, I challenge men to watch it for a week non-stop, or are you too scared of becoming attracted to things your masculine ego and our society repressed in you? Try it and see. WARNING FOR THE PRUDENT MINDED: Im a horny and very sexually twisted bratty little baby gurl. I like to write my fantasies explicitly.Im a very sexual person. Im the most sexually open- minded and non- judgmental gurl you can meet. I love you for your sexual attractions, and I adore and admire all of your peversions. I believe everyone should just be bisexual and should fuck eachother. Orgies everywhere with everyone. Families all sleeping in one big fuckbed.I LOVE ALL GAY PEOPLE, MALES AND FEMALES LGBTQ! I need men and women to babysit me sexually and make me be their stupid fucktoy. I like to talk babyish about sex sometimes. I need a big strong man to own me. I want men to try sucking my hairless sissy-pee-pee. Most men, nine times out of ten end up sucking my sissycock and enjoy it intensely. Guys, just try sucking a cock, no one has to know, and i know men wonder what its like to suck a cock, its normal human nature, just repressed by societys standards and stigmas surrounding the male image and ego. Its all a manmade illusion, think freely, give yourself permission to explore the naughty unknown. You'll thank yourself for being real. I want to have sleepovers with couples and be byour submissive fucktoy. I'll fuck your husbands buttpussy and make his tube of sexmeat boune and wag until it gets stiffer and his boner pokes straight up with my sissyfag cock up his ass. I WILL do sexual things of ANY nature with you if I get to know you a bit. I like to submit to old men, I think its sexy to let them do perverted things to me. love all sex acts known to man, just about. I want to meet the sickest most twisted diabolical perverts I want to like each others pages and share filthy sex pics/vids with each other .AND I WANT TO SEE YOUR DICKS So I can praise their beauty and touch my swollen cock in my panties. Ill even write you cock-poetry about how prettyful your big fat COCK is. Please show it to me, I love obsessing over dicks, especially sexy dicks of men and sissy-gurls I dont know. Just staring at the naked dick, right in my face, making me touch myself and making my mouth water. 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Like a little ardvarks snout. How is that not just down right adorably amazingly cute? I remember it hanging obscenely staring me in the face when he wanted me to open my mouth for his slippery feathery-soft foreskin to glide between my lips, Id open my mouth to wrap my lips around his boyworm as he wiggled it inside my horny and curious mouth, and Id say: AHhhhhh!-..Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug...Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug..."Mmrphhh mmrfrm fmmrrf mrphhh mmrfrm fmmrrf!"Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug...And slobberd all over his naked balls as I was licking them. He sucked my cock too. Then we got other boys and my female cousin Amanda to get naked in my room, and in the woods after school and we'd suck cock and lick her pussy, and watch her sqaut and piss in front of us. THEN Amanda started painting my nails and putting makeup on me and I was more of a girl than a boy sexually. I was just like her, we were in it to suck cocks togeather more so than playing with her pussy, which was very cute too, but I was her gurlfriend and we shared cocks. True story. Thats why now I crave BIG FAT UNCIRCUMCISED COCK. AND WHEN I SEE AN ELEPHANT I GET HORNY BECAUSE OF THE TRUNK. I love my cousin for always letting me blow him even when he was busy playing video games.I love sucking the soft fluffy foreskin, and I worship the cum in a males balls, its powerful and magical, cute live spermies swimming in my tummy when COCK erupts and the BIG ROUND HOT FUCKING BALLS get unloaded down my throat. Its my yummy holy cummunion. COCK IS MY GOD, I OBEY COCK, I SUBMIT TO COCK,. I SING HYMS OF PRAISE WHEN I MOAN FROM COCK IN MY BUTTHOLE, MOAN IN PAIN AND PLEASURE LIKE A GOOD BABY GURL. KNEELING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS WITH YOUR PANTS PULLED DOWN IS MY CHURCH. 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Transsexual: 34y (United Kingdom) 239.3k visits

3 videos - 2 favs - 10 photos



Transsexual: 27y (USA) 6.8k visits

2 videos - 3 photos

Im that woman that knows how to please in every way????


Transsexual: 47y (Brazil) 17.2k visits

10 videos - 80 favs

Sou a Carlynne, uma cross transgênero madura, morena clara, 1,66 m, seios pequenos e durinhos, pele macia, coxas grossas, bumbum grande, simpática, educada, carinhosa, culta e de excelente astral. Sou apaixonada por homens educados, galanteadores e cavalheiros, que gostem de leitar uma fêmea, exclusivamente PASSIVA. Negros e bem dotados furam a fila. Procuro um homem maduro, que possa ser meu amante fixo, mas estou aberta às aventuras com boys e papais ATIVOS de minha cidade ou em viagem por aqui, sem interesse financeiro. Saiba me conquistar com seu bom papo, sério, adulto, real e você poderá desfrutar de meus carinhos. Desprezo sexo virtual. Evite pedir fotos, câmera, ficar conversando babaquices ou com comportamento imaturo porque me sentirei seriamente tentada a ignorar você. Dou e exijo sigilo total. Não combino encontros na minha casa, somente em motel. Me add no whatsapp para contato rápido.


Transsexual: 28y (USA) 17.1k visits

7 videos - 56 favs - 64 photos

I'm a sissy C.D fem bottom trying to become a tranny I'm on here to meet up with tops one or more and make homemade porn and pictures of me while forcefucking my mouth and being hatefucked to the extreme and BRUTAL also double penetration with my anal. The most important thing is I'm clean STD free and you can cum all in me nonstop on videos I want to film it outside and hotel and if you have a place to host it at I'm in I want to make only roughest sex tapes and pictures of all time text me to get it set up

Scumslut Princess

Transsexual: 36y (United Kingdom) 85.3k visits

20 videos - 54 favs - 23 photos

I'm a super horny, extremely kinky, massively exhibitionistic lass from Guildford, nestled among the beautiful Surrey Hills, 40minutes from central London. ?? Genuine posh totty. ??⛷? Also an utter filth-monster; I love it when it's a bit nasty. ?? Apparently I also give good head. Judge for yourself! ?? But mainly I love being fucked. ?? Just LOVE it!! More holes at once, ? the more in those holes the better! ?⚡️ I live for proper gangbangs. And understanding the nature of the universe. And making people laugh. ?


Transsexual: 59y (USA) 7.1k visits

40 favs - 11 photos

Cute, Sexy, Bi-sexual, Sweet and a good personality. I am a pre-op transsexual and 150 pounds. I am very passionate, affectionate, open minded, into men and women, intelligent and a fun loving girl. I enjoy going out to dinner and a drink, movies, plays, traveling and whatever makes my life more interesting. I love kinky sex and love porn movies and always wanted to be in one. I do like BBC. Does that make me bad ??????. Lets meet and see where it goes!


Transsexual: 20y (USA) 10.9k visits

2 favs - 3 photos

Juicy Nikki

Transsexual: 44y (USA) 1M visits

33 videos - 85 favs

Big Voluptuous TRANSSEXUAL Former Adult Amateur Star, Enjoy my jack off material from my XXX Adult Website.If your Local your more then welcome to contact me so we can make a video together.... FOLLOW ME on TWITTER @TSjuicynikki......... kik - tsjuicynikki...IG...tsjuicynikki


Transsexual: 42y (Sweden) 52.1k visits

279 favs - 6 photos

Hiiii! My name is Josephine. I'm transgender, trans woman in transition. I'm pan-sexual. I have a chubby body and about C/D cup breast, filled with 400cc implants.

Yosi Trans

Transsexual: 25y (Peru) 1.1M visits

49 videos - 44 photos

ATENDIENDO AHORA EN AV. MAYOLO CRUCE CON AV. UNIVERSITARIA - referencia en LA CAFETA Brindo servicio a caballeros que les guste el sexo anal y una buena mamada de verga. Soy goloza y aguantadora experta en principiantes. WHATSAPP para contactos 929 321 476. ATIENDO TODOS LOS DIAS DESDE LA 3 P.M.


Transsexual: 33y (USA) 6.8k visits

14 photos

I really love anal. I am a cum slut an love that cum. I really love when cum goes down my throat. I love cock, but really love black cock. If you want to send me tributes feel free to send them to my email. [email protected]


Transsexual: 22y (Colombia) 97.4k visits

23 videos - 20 favs - 33 photos

*INSTAGRAM: angelesdelmarcol / $$$ WEBCAM MODEL $$$ / Private Show: $50 dollars by paypal or Western Union / I love to be VERY spoiled $$$ - I LOVE TRIBUTES <3 - I am sweet and lovely Colombian trans - <3 I LOVE TO RECEIVE GIFTS <3 --- I can be your dream baby girl --- SINGLE -- Bogotá,Colombia -- I LIKE OLDER MEN <3 -- I want to be your addiction, your obsession, part of your fantasies... Let's play together! $$$ -- I like getting presents, I love teddy bears, flowers and ice cream -- I like the museums, the theatre, the plans outdoors, to feel the nature, to see the beauty in the very small things, to know new places, to skate (rollerblades), I like to read. I love the animals, Im volunteer on dogs shelter, something that is basic for my is the respect towards the others, if it's on my hands help another one, im gonna do it. The first thing that I see in a man there is its look, which transmits many things in spite of only meeting, and which knows what he wants, and be a dreamer, and have goals, and not matter what happens he still fighting, that he loves himself / If the physical thing matters for me? mmm i would Lie if i say: not, since it is the first thing that you see, but it is just 10 %, the physical thing changes, what there is your interior, into your heart.. that not. / I like spoiling the man i'm with, I love to write letters and filling with details this person who steals my heart, not just the special dates, I feel that we need to fall in love every day, i mean.. we decide to be the rest of our lives together <3 --- *WISH LIST: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2QAMBBBEGB3EY/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1?_encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist


Transsexual: 51y (Belgium) 13.5k visits

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Bonjour je suis transexuelle lola, tres cje suis fiancee


Transsexual: 41y (USA) 3.4k visits

4 favs

cool and laid back ?


Transsexual: 32y (USA) 6.7k visits

8 videos - 10 photos

I am a 31 year old trans woman from Oklahoma! I am attracted to men mostly but there are a few woman that I think to myself I could maybe be with her. I am a bottom only I don’t top at all. Looking for a good time!!


Transsexual: 22y (USA) 20.2k visits


Transsexual: 39y (Chile) 136.1k visits

89 videos - 126 photos

Yo kelly debbie , trans activo Santiago chile, profesional en todo lo sexual e independiente, invito a visitarme en mi ciudad o contactar conmigo si estas en el país a través de WhatsApp 994743052 o por mi perfil de instagram @ heatherkunst.oficial (pronto haré cambios por mejoras en servicio , gracias a todos por sus visitas y les instó a seguirme por los perfiles mencionados o Facebook heather kunst cantante. /ADEMÁS DEPILACIÓN y o corte masculino en salón de estética av, ricardo cumming 341 desde las 2:30 pm a 9 pm y "PELUQUERIA SEXUAL" ,mi departamento , posterior al horario de peluquería hasta las 2 am , cont 994743052./corte varón erótico desnudo moneda con brasil. PD: "EL VIDEO" PENDEX 18 FOLLANDO POR DEBBIE GUILBERT EN SU PRIMERA VES "dado su éxito no estará más disponible sino sólo a la venta por interno en su duración de 21 minutos.


Transsexual: 43y (USA) 3.4k visits

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Transsexual: 29y (USA) 13k visits

8 videos - 88 photos

Interested in WoW - Blood Elf Paladin Drums, Guitar & Vocals Tarot Sex & passion Massages MHz network programming Boobies


Transsexual: 36y (USA) 18.3k visits

20 favs


Transsexual: 27y (USA) 1.6k visits

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Hey I'm Veronica 27 year old mtf trans woman looking for some fun and new friends so hit me up :) feel free to show me love ;)


Transsexual: 36y (Mexico) 27.7k visits

Hola, soy Mona Vela; Tgirl (shemale) en Ciudad de México. Me gusta hacer porno además de dar servicio de webcam y acompañamiento.


Transsexual: 21y (USA) 5.6k visits


Transsexual: 29y (USA) 7.5k visits

8 favs - 5 photos

My CD/Trans name is Carmen Xen, my birth name Kyle. Skype me for fun ladies and trans only please https://xhamster.com/user/GoddessLiz

Nina Nievez

Transsexual: 23y (USA) 243.4k visits

6 videos - 3 photos

Just another girl from Colombia, with a little gift. Not cocaine, but I’m just as addictive and until recently illegal. I’m available to share my gift to all my fans and admirers... discreetly at a hotel/private residence. Available to travel (within the U.S.) opportunities big and small, nightly or weekly for modeling or GFE companionship. Beyond passable, hairless, petite, girly voice, respectful, and completely stealth. Why kiss and tell? I get text from clients asking why I ignore them in grocery stores, reply "I'm ADD" needless to say I prefer not spend my time or drop my vibe with someone's Negativity or Drama. I’m very NDA friendly. I accept cash, Visa, Amex MasterCard, Discover but love accepting Cryptocurrency the most. 25% requested vids payed with crypto, 10% off everything if you follow me. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/ICloud: CamiCarreri

Kylie Romaine

Transsexual: 31y (USA) 25.2k visits

3 videos - 22 photos

Can do personal videos specifically for YOU! Can also send signed photos and will send a pair of my panties to my special fans. If you’re interested DM me! If you have any recommendations or ideas to help, please let me know! My top 3 favorite ladies who deserve the AVN / Performer of the Year: 1) Deborah Mastronelly 2) Savannah Thorne 3) Janelle Fennec. Amazing ladies who work very hard not only for themselves but others as well!


Transsexual: 28y (Brazil) 349k visits

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welcome and already subscribe to the channel Send your friend request here on Xvideos Follow me on Instagram @gilmaragrossioficial I am from Brazil and I would love for you to give me a hand here I make the videos with great affection for you to enjoy a lot. Oh and like, comment and share with friends FOR SEE EXCLUSIVE CONTENT IS JUST MAKE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ON XVIDEOS.RED. My twitter: @Gilmaragrossi Seja bem-vindo e Mande a sua solicitação de amizade aqui no xvideos Me segue no Instagram @gilmaragrossioficial e gostaria que vocês me desse uma ajuda também no meu canal do YouTube Gilmara Grossi TV me seguindo Faço os vídeos com muito carinho pra vocês gozarem muito e curtem, comentem e compartilhem PARA VÊ CONTEÚDO EXCLUSIVO É SÓ FAZER SUA ASSINATURA NO XVIDEOS.RED. Meu twitter: @Gilmaragrossi


Transsexual: 29y (USA) 3.1k visits

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Embrace Your Sin, Live In Darkness.


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I love to see my self on camera posing in skinpy bikini's in any very reveiling panties and bras.i Love to eat bald pussy sucking cock is a must I enjoy getting on my knees and deep throating COCKS I am a bit of a size queen when it comes to cocks. Party 'n' Play anybody! Getting it in the ass is also a favorite of mine. I dream of being a porn star one day. I love the flavors of wet pussy & cum dripping cocks. I want to eat cream-pies from a gang banged 21 yr old itty bity titty bitch gargle it for the camera swap with her back and forth a few times and swallow it when she gives it back. getting face fucked, drinking down every drop of pre-cum I can have fed to me through a cock, bj's in cars in public parking lots. I am trying to meet new people and have some fun.the most men I have been with at once was 2 which was fun 3 or 4 cocks sharing all my holes sounds dreamy my list of fantasy's goes on and on if you want to know more about my un-typed sexual fantasy's list let's chat and be new frfiends


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I am a 60+ Discrete, Oral, Submissive bottom looking to host take control top(s) who are into fun and adventure. I love giving long, sloppy, tongue teasing, deep throated head, rimming, 69, making out and having my TIGHT pussyass pounded hard, deep & long.I am always open to try new things. iF THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT FROM YOUR BOTTOM, I would love to be your host for an evening, weekend, ? of fun filled adventure and exploring and hopefully fulfill all your desires & fantasies. NSA, one nighters okay, would like to find a FWB for an ongoing thing. I am open minded, clean in & out, disease free,and expect the same from my partner(s) also. Open to PNP, get me spun and I'll go all night/weekend long and will dive into any adventure you wish to explore. CUM BE MY TAKE CHARGE TOP(S) AND MAKE ME YOUR PERSONAL COCK SUCKING CUM SLUT BITCH Hope to hear from you. Kisses Gina


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I'm a new sissy I love cock and pussy both I'm versatile and horny all the time


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Hi I'm September S Blooms70. I'm a compassionate and still a shy person that's new to the porn sharing experience. :) Also seeking someone who doesn't mind me staying living with them if possible.


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Ich bin der Michael werde,aber gerne mit Michaela angesprochen da ich ein sehr femininer leidenschaftlicher Damenwäscheträger bin und liebe es.Ich komme aus Berlin bin schwul und passiv und auch gerne mal Devot ansonsten bin ich extrem zeigegeil auch eine Leidenschaft von mir die ich liebe würde auch gerne mal bei einem Porno mitmachen und ich liebe Sex bin oft dauergeil.Ich mag auch Outdoorsex und FKK:Natürlich hab ich auch noch andere Hobbys außer Sex das wäre ,aber jetzt zu viel.


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Sissy Crossdresser Slut I have experience with blowjobs I always swallow ;) , anal, facials, creampies, threesomes (two men at once), can verse for other sissies but prefer to bottom for dominate men, top transgender, girls and crossdressers. I do full makeup and would consider myself semi-passable. I don’t have any face photos that I am willing to share yet. I do videos with another transsexual crossdresser but we don’t meet as much as we would like. Still in the closet but wear panties stockings and butt plug out in public regularly. Have yet to go out fully dressed and am not opposed to meeting guys and playing without getting dressed. I once gave 7 different men blowjobs throughout the night in 7 different locations and I have yet to top that record, I miss CL. My biggest fantasy is to be the bottom for a group of people until they can’t cum anymore.

Aleera Rose

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transgenre crédible j'assume ma personnalité très salope, soumise actrice porno hard en Espagne... escorte bien chienne...

Lily Rox

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HI I'm Lily Rox. Transsexual Pornstar. Enjoy my videos!

Giulietta Borges

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I'm Giullieta Borges , an independent escort based in NORWAY . I'm a Feminine, young, vibrant, elegant, genuine, and a passionately pre-op transexual girl. I'm Brazilian ?? 24 years old Beautiful soft skin, black hair, long and natural, 1.78 high, 67 kg . ALL ages, bi-curious and first timers welcome. If you're looking for an unforgettable encounter with a stunning, super sexy, sweetheart Tgirl, then you have arrived at the right place! As a passionate and caring girl, you'll be delighted by my sensual aura and affinity for intimate pleasures. I'm active and passive and I can be active and dominant or hot passive ... I'm up to what you want. I have big Surprise very hard and fully functional to give you a good moment with passion and pleasure with lots of HOT MILK. What ever you wish for i hope it will come true. If you wish to be with me! My goal is to pamper you, be the kind of service that discerning gentlemen return to over and over. Always give you the best experience. I'm ready to make your fantasies come true ... Always nice atmosphere and nice talking, relaxing. Very open mind for try news stuff, all kinds of FANTASIES and FETISHES! MY ESCORT REVIEWS: https://www.shemalewiki.com/?id=987&profileid=2592&lan=en

Crossdresser Alana

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Hai My name is Alana I am a Crossdresser


Transsexual: 37y (USA) 6.7k visits

I'm a part time fem btm for men who are open minded sexually. Only here to please men with my mouth and ass.


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Hello I'm Skye de Luna fox I'm tight and eager to get it by in I love big cock bondage and Japanese silk rope cuffs restraints into BBC older mature daddy daughter forced role play


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Fabyana Toledo

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Hello Guys , I created this profile just to be more in touch with my admirers and fans. I hope you enjoy it. xx My instagram: FabyToledo_private


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29 photos


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Subscribe my channel for video updates.. Follow me on Twitter: @manushatranny. Write to me at [email protected] for bookings. Follow my erotic blogs: manushatranny.blogspot.com

Patricia Braga

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Sono Patricia/apena arrivata in roma cazzone bello, grosso, 23cm abbbronzata sempre bella curata/ ativa/passiva/pompino/massagio/69 completa!


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Hola chicos soy Fran chica Trans full pasiva simpatica, no bebo ni fumo, mido 1.83 mt y peso 75kg soy de La Calera, vivo sola y estoy aca para compartir mis videos con ustedes.. Les dejo mi correo [email protected]


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Olá sou essa linda trans de 20 aninhos e esse e meu namorado o Leo. Meu nome e Stella Fortunatto e vocês vão ver muito mais de nos por aqui! Estamos preparando mais vídeos suculentos para vcs! Nós aguarde e aproveitem! Hello!! I'm this beautiful 20 years young tranny and this is my boyfriend leo. My name is Stella Fortunatto and you will be seeing a lot more of us!!!? We are making lots more delicious videos for you! Let us know what you would like to see in the next one! And maybe we will say your name during the video topic picked by you!? Enjoy!!


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Soy muy excitante a la hora de mostrarme, ya sea por medio de mis imagenes o por mis videos,me encanta sentir algo rico dentro de mi hasta saciar mi cuerpo,en mi intimidad me gusta hacer cositas ricas, como transformarme ,estoy abierta a proposiciones ricas, siempre y cuando no se mezcle con drogas ni malos ratos,tengo ricas nalgas y suelo mover riquisimo mi cuerpo para sentir cosas ricas. Me gusta que me manden videos y fotos cuando esten haciendo cositas ricas.


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I love to see some tributes for me. Put your cum all over me and send me your pics.


Transsexual: 30y (USA) 13.2k visits



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I’m a sissy slut that like to show off my ass for horny men(; I love shaking my ass and making hard cocks cum for me! Message me for my ass daddys(((;

Sabah Famlet

Transsexual: 29y (Algeria) 4.1k visits

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Loubone Quinha

Transsexual: 28y (Brazil) 714.6k visits

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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/loudassis twitter - https://twitter.com/loubonequinha1 (conta nova) Cameratrans - https://www.cameratrans.com/br/customer/performer/loubonequinha?performer=6104 Blog - https://loubonequinha.blogspot.com Oi / WhatsApp : 83986707279 Claro: 83991181911

Ts Eve

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My real name is Hilde. Im a German transsexual. At this moment im in transition. I like dirty stuffs. I want to pee in tight jeans and boots.


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im so fucking horny for men cock, girls and Ts too!!! live:nikitalapacha_1 feel free to watch some video of me! If U like me , add me! Daddys and Sisters from all over the world, please help this whore make a little money by wathching my last videos, I promes I will buy mors slutty clothes for my next videos. I love to be a slutty teen fucktoy for mature men or black alpha male. I let them fuck me at my home or in the sauna or in the parc for money or girly clothes i would love to meet others sluts too!!! i live in montreal, Canada. Men, Please travel here and fuck me for your sex vacation !!! Be nice , Nikitaxxxxxx

Wildest Fantasies

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Cum find out ;) https://onlyfans.com/youknowgisele


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3 videos

Vanessa Lessa

Transsexual: 34y (Brazil) 221.6k visits

185 videos - 319 photos



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4 videos - 4 photos



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5 videos - 5 photos

Hi my name is Ivanna, I'm a Latin trans girl, I produce my own porn videos and I also do it with others trans girls or behind the scenes. I hope you like my content! XOXO


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Hello all i love being nasty and im really into just about anything u can think of i love love pleasing other people hang out madison blachart hit me up and any like minded people in Oklahoma


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I like to eat pussy ....I will swallow all your load...i will suckle on your balls and lick you all over your ass then I will be your little slut if thats what you want me to be ...and yesss you can fuck me in my really tight ass ...just one rule .....please go slow the first few minutes...then you can fuck me as hard as you please....k you want to cum in me deep...ok...but I would love if you pull out and put it in my mouth so I can swallow all of you...and I like kissing licking sucking on some titties and giving you a full body massage and caressing you whether you are male female or both ...I love all ..and ..if you want to suck me, or me to fuck you..ok ..ALSO ..I really get turned on .when someone makes a TRIBUTE video with one of my pics...seeing a hard cock pumping hot cum all over me is so fucking sexy....I will do some vids for people who want to have one for yourselves...just ask me and give me some time to do It....i will as soon as I can...ok...much kisses much hugs much love....mmuuuuhhhhh....♡♡♡♡♡kik= BRANDYONIT

Geile Natter

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I will do ya like no girl will do ya. Praise jesus hallelujah I am a fun CD that loves generous gentleman and ladies offering incall gulfport. Outcall up to 50 miles with deposit


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Follow my new Instagram @badgal_dria Skype -memphissexkitten Oovoo- jazzyleo3000


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Handrea del boca en face

Anafrodita Sexy

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Hola ,como veran soy una chica shemale, transexual y creado mi perfil para complaceros, en los videos salgo unicamente tirando con mi pareja, tratare de subir muchos videos para los amantes de las chicas trans asi que agarrense y suscribanse


Transsexual: 47y (USA) 8.9k visits

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Just all about having fun , love guys ,girls and trans..

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